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RE: Nationwide Service Provider for Donation Acquisitions   

Dear Manager,

Our company developed an easy to use Donation Acquisition Service that is extremely helpful for Car Donation Programs. As logistic experts, we developed the service for a major charity and have since processed over 3000 donations, sometimes up to 15 cars a day with special need pick-ups. 

We can pick-up any car, truck, RV, bus or boat within 1 hour or by appointment anytime day or night, anywhere in the USA or Canada. We take them to auction or buyers, hold them for auction carriers, or transport the vehicle anywhere in North America as an authorized, bonded transporter. In addition, we can also buy salvage vehicles and offer quick payment.   

Best of all, I have over 30 years’ experience with donation acquisitions so you can rest assured your donor will be treated properly. We know what to say and when to say it. We also know what not to say, so you can rest assured that your donation is in good hands when we conduct an acquisition.  

We don’t replace your service providers, we enhance your team. We want to speak to you about your operation and explain how easy it is to use us. There are no contracts or agreements. Charity reps just call us and we take care of any vehicle from a Volkswagen to a Kenworth. Try us. You’ll be please at how simply we handle even tough acquisitions that are refused or botched by others.   

In general, we are there to protect your reputation and save as much money for your charity as possible. Call us (855) 349-8782 at your convenience and learn even more about our unique program. 

More Information about our service:

In general, our company serves the transportation industry with roadside assistance for commercial vehicles with tire service, mobile mechanics or towing. We are experts in quickly arranging services with over 30,000 providers at our finger tips. Naturally we use the best, most cost effective providers and have a long list of favorites.   

Eventually, a large charity called us to help with a ‘rush tow.’ They loved the service and since that time we saved over 3000 donations for charities. Now, charity reps simply use us on an “as needed” basis.   

Few, if any companies do what we do. Below is more about our operation. 

We Offer:
  • Nationwide Services (West coast to East coast including Canada.)
  • Rush Towing (any vehicle in any condition – usually within an hour.)
  • Towing by Appointment (at the donor’s convenience with day or night scheduling.)
  • Towing from Contracted Highways (by arranging double tows coordinated at exits ramps)
  • Transport to Auction or Temporary Storage (to wait for auction pick-up)
  • Junk Car Purchase (featuring Quick-PayTM from Chase bank. Or by special arrangements).
  • Long Distance Transport (at competitive prices as a bonded, authorized agency.)
  • Boat Extraction Service AND Transport (from water for ‘trailerless’ boats and pontoons)
  • Roadside Assistance (mobile mechanics, commercial tire service, emergency fuel, etc.)
  • Emergency Passenger Transportation (for stranded buses with camp kids, college athletes, etc.)
  • Flexible Service – Any special arrangements? Just ask us. 

Procedure and Pricing: 

What You do: 
  • Call us with the pick up request and explain the situation at (855) 349-8782.
  • Send us your work order and donor’s receipt (fax: 888-248-3307 or 855fixtruck@gmail.com) 

What we do:
  • Provide you a quote from the service provider for your approval 
  • We contact the donor to acquire the vehicle (keys and title)
  • We either provide storage or take the car directly to your destination.
  • We conduct and monitor the pickup, towing and payment process. 

  • We charge a dispatch fee of $35 for cars.
  • We charge a dispatch fee of $50 for heavy duty vehicles.
  • We also arrange impound payouts as needed.
  • We pay the providers directly and charge their costs and dispatch in one bill.
  • No taxes, (however we charge a small 1.5% fee for handling financial arrangements)
  • Service Providers vary depending on the area.  
  • In general, a tow can range from $60 - $135 plus $4 - $7 per mile and storage can be $10 - $40 a day.
  • For junk cars, we provide fast payment to you for the agreed upon price.  
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